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is a Licensed Surgical First Assistant. She gained her licensure from the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Medicine. Elisha is also an MLD-C Specialist and Certified through ACOLS. Additionally, she worked as a Surgical Technologist for (2) years. Over the last 14 years, she has worked in a variety of healthcare settings to include surgical operating rooms, organ procurement recovery rooms, and alongside plastic surgeons.

Being a caregiver has always been her passion. In addition, she has always had a  adoration for the beauty industry. Early on, Elisha watched several women in her family suffer with skin conditions and health complications that lead to bodily insecurities. It  was then that she decided to merge her passion for caregiving and adoration of beauty to help women both look and feel beautiful. She furthered her professional education and began studying Medical Tattooing, Esthetics and Massage Therapy.

Throughout her career, she was given the opportunity to work alongside some amazing surgeons all over the state of Virginia. They instilled in her the principles of the body and oncology. She has assisted in performing mastectomies, breast reconstruction surgery, abdominoplasty/tummy tucks, Brazilian Butt lifts and countless other procedures.

​These experiences helped to mold her into the professional she is today, while also enhancing her passion and drive to help women recognize their internal beauty while enhancing their external beauty.





all over the world by enhancing their beauty. With over 13 years of operating experience, Rejuv Body & Med Spa takes pride in providing exceptional care. We specialize in post operative care, body contouring, massage therapy and IV Hydration services.

We provide elite care to women, that have undergone plastic surgery, oncology surgery, general abdominal surgery and even cesarean section. We are passionate about providing a recovery plan, that will expedite healing and assist with complication prevention. Our focus is getting your health back to its normal state of wellness.

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