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Rejuv Body & Med Spa is truly an amazing place to help you understand and learn about the healing process after surgery. After learning about BB Coleman and the Rejuv Body & Med Spa from my surgeon I was curious and excited to learn more. She was recommended by two surgical nurses as well as the doctors. My husband encouraged me to try because I was really miserable after post surgery 7th day. We called made an appointment and God thank you! I felt in just the first visit a little more mobility and encouragement. During my session she went over what my body is going through and why it's so important to have the massage therapy and the stages I would be going through. I booked 15 sessions and when I went To my 1 month follow up with the surgeon. They said I had looked further along then most because what I was doing. I honestly can't imagine having elective surgery and not seeing BB Coleman and her team. Thank you seems little because I know my healing process would of have taken longer and I would of felt discouraged. I am so grateful for her and her team!

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